Student-athlete Ethan Bondick has proven himself to be an exceptional young man in the classroom, on the tennis court, and in the community. A high honors recipient at The Fenn School, Ethan Bondick excels in his mathematics and science coursework as well as in other subjects, having received finalist recognition in the school's WW Fenn Speaking Contest. As a member of the school’s varsity tennis team, he strives to further his skills through extensive practice and training at the Evert Tennis Academy during the summer. Outside of academics and sports, Bondick maintains an active schedule of volunteer work. He has given his time and energy to Gaining Ground, an organic food farm that assists the homeless, and to Heading Home, which offers permanent housing to families in need.

Ethan Bondick earned a black belt in taekwondo, and swims and skis whenever he can. An avid reader, he enjoys fantasy novels and books on tennis.